Achieving Work Life Balance

Work life balance is seldom the case in Singapore. Everyone is competitive and chasing time to produce more. An employee or self-employed typically works long hours and is often on call long after the rest of the family goes to bed. In addition to being stressful, these long work hours exhaust the body and mind. However, that need not be the case.

work life balance

You can certainly achieve work life balance, which refers to an optimal relationship between your work and important non-work commitments. While achieving balance may be hard, it’s not impossible. Here are four tips to help you balance your work and other life priorities.

Develop clear priorities and honor them to achieve work-life balance

Define the things that are important to you. These could be time spent with your partner or kids, exercise, and so on by listing everything you consider important, arranging them in order of importance, and picking the top three. Thereafter, come up with inventive ways of making sure you honor those top priorities in life.

Consciously make time for the things you care about by integrating them into your daily or weekly schedule. Periodically review your schedule to make sure that you are honoring your priorities as a freelancer.

Get organized by creating a routine and set aside time for family

Review your work goals alongside your top life priorities and research on the daily routines of top entrepreneurs. Create a routine that best suits the work-life balance you want to achieve. Consider the following when creating your daily routine:

  • Set three most important goals for the day
  • Make sure the income-generating activities come first
  • Set aside time for meditation or exercise
  • Identify technology such as apps that improve your productivity
  • Wind down with something fun later in the day

Strive towards accomplishing your routine by end of the day and free the rest of the day up for family.

Family Time and Work Time

Communicate effectively with your clients and those around you

Among the pillars of success in any work is effective communication. Effective communication means clear instructions from your clients and to your outsourced contractors. The result of good communication is timely delivery of services and less time spent on corrections down the road.

Your work life balance can easily fall apart if your workload suddenly increases, such as when one of your clients or bosses unexpectedly drops a huge load of work on you. When this happens, let those around you—family, friends, teammates, etc.—know what’s up.

If it’s temporary, consider outsourcing minor tasks. If, on the other hand, the increase in work is permanent, then it is time to consider getting help. Working intensely for an extended period harms you more than it helps because it leads to burnout.

Freelancer can save time by using modern software to manage your finances

Many freelancers find the bookkeeping aspect of their work a daunting task. However, with the right technology, you can take the guesswork out of managing your finances. A number of cloud-based accounting software are available to aid with your bookkeeping needs, such as sending quotes and invoices, monitoring cash flow, tracking income and expenses, and so on.

Developers of freelancer software solutions also offer mobile versions of the software to help you monitor your finances on the go. Investing in the most suitable software for your freelance work saves you the time you would have used to organize all your data and the money you might have used to hire a professional CPA to balance your books.

Organize your finances by recording your periodic (daily, weekly or monthly) financial needs and research on the freelancer software solutions that will be most suitable for those needs. Choose one software solution and train yourself on using it before you trust it with all your business finances.

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