Temporary Job Arrangement

Many people believe that if you have to choose between a reasonable-paying temporary job or part-time job and a low-paying job in your dream career, you should always take the latter. To them, it makes sense to accept the low-paying position because you’re inspired by the company values, mission, culture and even its leaders. The money might just come later.

While that may be true in many cases, there’s no denying that money matters, especially with rent to pay and a family to support. It is for this reason that this article is singing a different tune: Prioritizing salary is okay when considering jobs, and there are numerous situations in which taking a reasonable-paying temporary job is the wisest option. Let’s take a look at two.

Temporary Job is the Answer

Temporary Job may be the Answer

If you’re like a lot of people, you reached points where you don’t know what you’re next step in your career journey will be. You’ve likely decided that you’ll just get a reasonable-paying temporary job or part-time job for now, save up, and eventually go after something aligned with your career interests.

At this point, some of the people from whom you seek advice may attempt to dissuade you by asking you questions such as what gets you excited, what you would do if money was not a problem, what career paths interest you the most. However, you may still feel driven to prioritize salary.

If they gave it careful thought, however, they too would realize that going for the reasonable-paying temporary job or part-time job is not a bad solution. In addition to helping you pay rent, the temporary job may expose you to a different field and enable you to develop important life skills, such as adaptability and teamwork. In any case, there’s still a chance that you might stumble upon your dream job even after initially going after the money.

Whether you just graduated, are shifting careers, or are simply lost, taking a temporary job will help you sustain yourself for now until something more fulfilling comes along. Since the job is temporary, you can try other jobs before long. And that makes it the perfect solution for someone who is not sure what direction their career should take.

As your competencies grow and gain more experience, you’ll begin to get a sense of the career path that suits you. Taking a temporary job in various industries, positions and businesses is also a great way of learning a number of new skills.

Temp Job Singapore

Temporary and Part-Time Job Necessary Due to Financial Reason

You may have a child on the way or you may be dealing with crippling debt. Perhaps you lost your previous job and need another one fast before your finances fall apart. These situations among others are strong reasons why declining a temporary job or part-time job may be unwise. When an opportunity to pull yourself out of a financial mess presents itself, take it. In any case, having your dream job and living in serious financial distress is not a happy or meaningful way to live.

That is not to say that you ought to abandon your long-term career goals. After taking the temporary job, consider taking an online class or doing part-time freelancing in your free time to make sure your dreams are never completely out of your sight.

In conclusion, there are many cases in which giving your salary top priority is a wise decision and does not mean you’re materialistic. Every person who works had their personal reasons for choosing that career or that job. In the end, it’s up to you to decide what matters most to you at that time. As long as the decision to take the temporary job you make helps you find meaning and happiness in your life, then it is the right decision.

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