Purpose of our Talent Program

Our talent program, also known as our management trainee program, aims to develop a person's talent extensively and ensure that he or she is well-prepared for the challenges ahead. The trainee will learn about the habits to develop to be successfully at work as well as the way to manage and prioritize work.

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Preparing Trainee for Success

Successful leader put great emphasis on the cultivation of good habits. If you consistently develop good habits, it creates the path for future success. Similarly, during the talent program which our candidates attends, we focus very much in this aspect. We make sure that the habits discussed here are cultivated by the trainees and become part of their life.

Accept, Welcome & Drive Change

We want the trainee to welcome change and drive the change. The change must be for the better. Whether it is introducing new technology or re-engineer work processes, change may improve productivity and customer's satisfaction. The management trainee should learn how to encourage his or her team mates to embrace, communicate well and accept change in the work environment. He or she must also learn to deal with team mates who fear change and encourage them to overcome the fear.

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Attentive Listening

To be a good team player and manager, the trainee must learn to listen attentively. The ability to listen to other people is essential to understanding others and building positive relationship for success at work. As such, we make sure that this habit is adopted by the trainees as early in their work life as possible. We train them to be a patient listener and restraint from interrupting others unnecessarily. We make sure that the trainees learn to discuss and communicate work issues with team members effectively in our talent program.

Generous Compliment

Besides listening attentively, the trainee will learn to compliment team mates generously at the right time to motivate them to do even better. Acknowledge their effort and talent as well as celebrate the achievement with them will strengthen team spirit and lift the team to greater success.

Set Targets and Track Progress

Setting own targets and the goals is an important task. Not only should the company set goals for the workers, the workers should also set goals for themselves. Whether it is to learn a new skill or to develop better memory power, it good for the individual to develop oneself constantly and improve one's ability to deal with different situation. We want our trainees to set aside some time every week to learn new things and then bring what they have learned to the office to share and improve work productivity.

Talent Program to Impart the RIght Skills

Learn from Failures and Continue to Take Risk

There will be some risk when we make a decision. Sometimes, the decision may not work in our favour and we fail. Failure is part of the learning process. Never let failure affects future decision. Analyze what has gone wrong and learn from the failed attempt. Continue to take calculated risk and move the team forward.

Manage and Prioritize Work

The trainee will eventually take on the leadership position and he or she must know how to prioritize his or her work as well as the work of his or her team. In our talent program, we share with the trainee how to do so.

List all Tasks and Projects and Identify the Urgent and Important Ones

By listing the tasks and projects, you have good visibility over what is not completed. For those tasks with high urgency (i.e. need to complete in the short time) and high importance, you know it has the greatest impact on performance and therefore should channel most resources there as soon as possible.  Every trainee in our talent program will learn this and put it into practice.

Be Flexible when Allocating Resources

After you have identified the task or project with highest urgency and importance, it is natural that you will channel your best worker and resources there to get it done. However, you should always re-assess the situation and be flexible to re-assign team members to another project when situation changes.

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