Are you Motivated at Work? Have you Lost the Drive?

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated at work all the time especially when you are in the job for many years and have been repeating what you have been doing. So how do you stay motivated at work? How do you drive yourself to reach the next level?

Driven to Success At Work

Some people can easily drive themselves and stay focus at work while others find it hard to motivate themselves and need some help. Not to worry, let us provide you with some tips on motivating yourself at work.

Inspire Yourself to Achieve

Set Short Term and Long Term Goals

Set what you want to achieve at work in short term, perhaps daily or weekly goals, as well as in the long term, yearly goals. Write them down. Tick them daily and weekly every time you accomplish the goals. This will definitely make you feel good and create the desire to accomplish more. After a month or so, look back at what you have accomplished. See how you have moved towards your long term yearly goals. Every time you review your accomplishments and see yourself getting nearer to your long term goals, you should become more motivated at work. Speak to someone about your goals. In this way, you commit yourselves to the goals and you know that someone is watching you. This will drive you to achieve the goals.

Driving Yourself by Setting Goal

Ask for Feedback

When you could not achieve certain goals, ask for comments and feedback. Let others guide you on how you can achieve the goals rather than giving up or staying unmotivated. Accept constructive feedback and work on them to see if the results are different the next time. When someone provide a solution, it allows you to rectify your earlier action and achieve better results towards achieving your goals. When you finally achieve your goals, it will keep you motivated to strive harder to achieve future goals. Constructive feedback should keep you motivated at work.

Looking at Feedback by others

Reward Yourself

Everybody loves to be rewarded for achieving something. Don't be too hard on yourself. Treat yourself to something nice for achieving weekly and yearly goals. Give yourself a big treat if you achieve a difficult goal. Every achievement deserves some celebration.

Dress for Work

If you dress shabbily, you somehow creates a negative psychological setting. Get some nice clothing, dress professionally, feel important and it will have positive outcome. You will reach office feeling good and ready to drive yourself to greater heights. You will also feel more confident and others will want to hang around you when you appear positive. Start now. Dress neatly and nicely for a better today and tomorrow.

Dress up to Inspire

Speak Positively

Not only should you dress positively, you should speak positively to yourself and your colleagues. Positive words generate positive action. They drive you and drive the people around you. Cheer your team members when they are down and they will cheer you up when you are down. When your team is driven, the energy gets bounced back to you. Out of the blue, you will find yourself moving faster and achieving your goals quicker. When the team is motivated at work, so do you.

Take a Good Break

Everyone needs a break to recuperate and recharge. This is to ensure you are have sufficient fuel for the next journey. You need to take a break from work. Go for short trips. Read some motivational and inspirational books during the trips. Allow fresh ideas to come into your mind during the break. Spend quiet time doing things which is not work related during the break. This will ensure that you return to work recharged and motivated. Set new things to do and new goals to achieve when you are back in the office.

Recharge to be Motivated

Attend Motivation Talk

Attending motivational talks and listen to how others achieve the impossible in life. The experiences shared by other can keep you motivated at work or office.

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