Do you do some simple office exercises while at work?

Do you take a break from work and perform some office exercises? Or do you just sit the whole day, looking at documents and typing the keyboard of your laptop without a break? For better health, it is important for you to perform some simple office exercises after long hours of office work. If you continue to just sit and type on your computer keyboard, your health and physical fitness may deteriorate quickly over time. Therefore, please consider putting your laptop or documents aside for a moment and do some simple stretching and strengthening exercises at office to improve your physical health.

Break from Work and Exercise

Types of Office Exercises You can Perform at Your Desk

We would like to introduce you to a number of simple office exercises which you can easily perform at your desk at anytime during the day. The exercises are:

Neck Rotation and Stretching

Rotate your neck slowly clockwise and anti-clockwise. Perhaps 5 to 10 rounds each direction. Then stretch your neck by moving your right ear down towards your right shoulder and count to ten. Then move your left ear down towards your left shoulder and count to ten. Thereafter, move your neck backwards and your chin upwards and hold for ten counts. Then move your chin forward towards your neck and hold for ten counts.

Neck Stretching during office break

Shoulder and Hands Stretching

Interlace your fingers and reach upwards as high as you can.

Stretch Our Arm in Office by Extending

Outer Thigh Stretching

With a bent knee, lift your right leg up, grab it with your arms and pull it as close as you can to your chest. Count to ten and then repeat for the left leg.

Outer Arm Stretching

Bend your right elbow 90 degree and place it behind your head. Use your left hand to press the right elbow gently down and hold for ten counts. Repeat the same for your left elbow.

Stretch Outer Arm during office break


Place your feet should length apart. Squat down till the thigh is parallel to the floor. Hold for 10 counts then back to standing position. Repeat 20 times.

Performing Squats in Office

Calf Raise

Slowly raise your heels off the ground till you are standing on the tip of your toes and slowly lower yourself till the heel touch the ground. Repeat 20 times.

Leg Lift

While sitting on the chair, extend and straighten your right leg. Then lift it up till it is parallel to the ground. Count to ten and repeat the same for the left leg.

Hopefully the above exercises will maintain the some physical flexibility and prevent your muscles from deteriorating. You should try and incorporate as much stretching and light exercises throughout the day to maintain good health. Sitting in the office the whole day is really bad for health. Volunteer to go out and meet client can also be good as you may walk more and move more when you do so. If it is possible, you should make it a point to exercise before you start work every morning. This requires discipline at first. Once it becomes a routine, you will find it pretty easy to exercise in the morning. Some of you may prefer to do it in the evening. However, many working adults in Singapore need to work late and exercising in the evening can be difficult to manage. Whatever schedule you have, remember to exercise and stretch to keep yourself in good physical and mental condition.

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