How do you stay relevant at work? How does your boss know?

With technological disruption, it is important to update yourself, learn and relearn, acquire and possess new knowledge and skills to ensure you remain relevant at work. How does your boss or superior know that you are valuable to the company? Will they retrench you when the company is facing difficulties?

When you can provide insights on better ways to perform work, boost sales and/or cut cost and when your boss knows that you have been keeping yourself relevant and acquiring new knowledge to stay relevant at work, you know that you will be valued more and less likely to be made redundant.

How can you be relevant at work?

Ways to Stay Relevant

Here are some ways on how you can provide valuable suggestions when interacting with your boss and show him or her that you should always be retained by the company:

Read articles and magazines relating to developments in your industry

A good way to stay relevant is to be informed about developments in your industry. How can you do so? Simply by reading articles and magazines related to your business. It is now very easy to subscribe to magazines from reputable publishers or read them online. Some websites are rich in content which you are looking for. When reading the articles, try and consider how some of the ideas can be adopted in your company. Have a general discussion with friends about topics you have read and discuss it even more in-depth with other friends. In this way, you can easily throw a discussion right in front of your boss when the time arrives and show him that you have been keeping yourself relevant or even ahead of time.

Read Articles to Remain Relevant at Work

Speak to Experts in Similar Field

Discuss with other subject-matter experts is a good way to understand how they feel about current developments and what can be done to improve current situation. Getting experts in the leading companies or researchers to share their thoughts with you. Understand how the industry is going to move. Knowing what are the dangers approaching and the opportunities available. Make them known to your boss and he will appreciate your effort in trying to position the company strategically to gain competitive advantage.

Discuss with Expert to Remain Relevant

Attend Training, Seminar and Courses

Upgrade your skills and knowledge through training. Explore how technology is affecting your industry. See if you can learn some technologies which will help you to up-skill and leverage on technological advancement. If your boss knows that you have been constantly keeping yourself relevant at work and even upgrade yourself to take on more complex tasks, you will be valued more and more likely to be promoted.

Take up courses to stay relevant

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