Effective Techniques in Hiring the Right Candidate

Hire a good employee is critical for your business. Hiring new employees can make or break your department and company. What must you do before the the recruitment exercise? How should you conduct the interviews? How do you really know what he or she thinks and if he or she fits into the organization? What’s behind their seemingly professional demeanor in your conversation?

The preparation on what you really need before you recruit is important. The interviewing process to determine the right candidate is even more important.  Looks and credentials can be deceiving and not everyone lives up to their promises and resumes. Wasting precious time talking to applicants who are not up to mark or employing and training candidates who is not going to fit into the organization is something the employer would like to avoid. Let us look at the effective techniques you can use in choosing the right candidate for the job.

Know What You Need Before Hiring

It is important to know what you need, what type of candidates you are looking for, the main strengths he or she must have, the areas which you can train him or her after he or she joins. Write down a precise job description. This process will define what experience and skills you actually need the candidate to have prior to joining and what skills you can subsequently train. You must be clear on what is "good to have" and "must have" knowledge and skills. You should consider if you would like to have someone young and fresh or with experience. Are you willing to take in people who are switching career? With this clearly defined, it guides you on the best candidates to shortlist for an interview.

Understand your needs for hiring

Develop a Recruitment Plan

The recruitment plan will have a strategy for attracting the most suitable members for the position. Where to source for suitable candidates? Is online recruitment more effective or traditional newspaper? Should you engage a headhunter to source for this candidate? How and what to communicate to the headhunter? What type of candidates would you want the headhunter to exclude? You have to be specific in your communication so the right candidates can be chosen for the interview and you can hire the right employee for your company.

Hiring the right person

Offer the Right Remuneration Package to Attract

Hiring right can only be possible if your remuneration package is attractive enough. Understand what is the job market offering. You should offer the same or better to attract good talents. It will be rare to hire someone good at a low price. Even if you manage to do so, you should be prepared to lose him or her when he or she finds out that he or she is short-changed.

How can you train your new hire? Do you have sound training programs? Are your training programs designed properly to help the new employees?

Are you prepared to hire someone who is new to your job but not new to working? Are you willing to hire inexperience people in their mid-40s and train them to excel in the new job?

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