Graduate Trainee Program or Post-Graduate Trainee Program is offered by some Singapore Companies to prepare the new graduates for work in the real world. Our company is one of them who believe that Graduate Trainee Program works. We recruit graduates who are major in finance. Our program is also known as management training program or talent trainee program. The objective of such Graduate Trainee Program is to quickly get the graduate up to speed and start delivering quality results.

MBA graduate trainee program

Singapore's Challenging Environment for Graduates and Post-Graduates

In the new economy where talent is not just paper qualifications, graduates (especially post-graduates) have difficulty finding suitable jobs. There maybe a mismatch in expectation on salary, skills, etc. Some employers feel that individuals with post-graduate degree are over-qualified. They also appear to ask for a higher salary as compared to graduate and diploma holders. Employers who has not seen their performance will be hesitant to pay more to employ such post-graduates who have not proven themselves. As such, post-graduate individuals gradually find themselves priced out of the market. We advise post-graduates not to request for too much at the beginning in terms of salary. If they can offer their services at the same price as a university or diploma graduate, they may get the job due to their higher qualification. Securing the job is the top priority. Thereafter, you can demonstrate your worth and gradually request for a pay rise. If a post-graduate set his or her salary beyond what the employer can afford, he or she may go without a job for a long time. This equates to many months of lost earning. It makes more sense for the post-graduates to price themselves right and secure a position just to get a foot into the Company first. Whether it is a job or a management trainee program offered by the Company, grab it first and work towards the goal.

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Our Graduate Trainee Program

Our graduate trainee program is targeted at new university graduates. Whether you have gotten a Bachelor Degree, MBA or PhD, we would like to hear from you. Our Company specializes in finance products and, as such, you would be in an advantage if your Degree is major in Finance or Accountancy. Though we may sometimes take in graduates from other discipline, it is seldom the case.  Our graduate trainee program focuses on short term and long term targets and develop the trainees well over a period of time. We adopt the best practices for our graduate trainee program and have on-the-job and class room training to ensure that theoretical knowledge is translated into useful practical skill. Our aim is to see the trainees succeed. We believe that the trainees and the company grow together when the trainees become successful managers. We are always looking for ways to expand our business and there will be plenty of opportunities for trainees to move up to manager and director positions.

trainee program for finance professionals

Our Management Trainee Scheme for Graduates and Post-Graduates are one of the best in Singapore. It aims to develop the trainees to take on independent roles of the organization. We look forward to speaking to you and tell you more. Email us now.

Changing your career after working for 10 to 20 years is not an easy decision to make. The worry of a pay cut and whether you will be able to succeed in the new job is understandable. Let us speak to you. We are constantly looking for people in the finance and banking industry to join us in our business expansion.

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Classes for Trainee Program

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