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Freelancer or freelancing work refers to individuals who are self-employed and work on assignments given by different companies. 

Globally, the number of people who have chosen to work as freelancers continues to rise. In the US alone, freelancers are about 35 percent of the workforce. In Singapore, the percentage is much lower but it is expected to rise in the “gig economy”. The reason for the growing number of freelancers is most millennials nowadays are interested in time-flexible and location-independent work arrangements in which they are their own boss.

However, the trend goes both ways. As the number of people onboarding to full-time and part-time freelance work increases, companies have a wider variety of options when it comes to given certain business tasks to freelancers.

If you’re currently freelancing or are considering to become one, it is likely that the competition for freelancing work will increase too and may be more challenging to obtain referrals, retaining clients and getting prospective clients.

Successful freelancers can earn handsomely. You, too, can become one of these top freelancers, provided you use the right strategy.

This raises the question: how can you set yourself apart and consistently get the lucrative gigs? Below are three tips to ensure you grow your career as a thriving freelancer.

Polish Your Skills as a Freelancer

An unrivaled commitment to honing their craft is what makes top freelancers stand out. Leading freelancers who always attract high-paying clients know that to get and stay ahead of the pack, you must offer services that not only exceed client expectations but are also superior to the services of your competitors.

Customer feedback is among the most effective ways of continually refining your services. Use surveys to enable your customers to share feedback about the areas in which you excel, aspects of your services they liked or didn’t like, and improvements they think you should make. Specific questions help you to accustom your services to the desires and needs of your clients. Don’t be shy about asking your clients for feedback because failure to do so will cripple your ability to offer continually improving services.

Get good quality feedback by making your feedback requests personalized, addressing clients by their name and referring to specific projects you did for them. The briefer the survey, the more effective it is. Focus on questions that are useful. You can even offer a small incentive for taking part in the survey.

Freelancer Singapore

Foster Relationships with Clients to Win More Freelancing Jobs

Among freelancers’ main concerns is irregular income. Opportunities might be abundant at one time but at other times they become scarce or even absent. So you need to find a way of cushioning yourself from the uncertainty and ensuring your financial situation is stable.

To do this, build trusting relationships with your clients to stay at the top of their mind and become their primary contractor. Create mailing lists of your customers and periodically send them personalized messages. Update them on upgrades you’re making to your services as well as special offers or discounts that you may be providing. Follow up on them and find out how they are doing to show that you care.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that compared to product selection and pricing, customer experience plays a bigger role in the success of your business. The hallmarks of top-quality customer service include courtesy, responsiveness and timely delivery of services. Should they be unsatisfied with a service, offer to make improvements free of charge. Fostering enduring relationships requires a commitment to making customers feel appreciated.

Freelancing Work and Technology

Be Social and Embrace Technology in "Gig Economy"

Effectively representing yourself on social platforms helps you develop a loyal client base and greatly expand your reach. Many top freelancers use social media as a digital portfolio or business card with which they attract new customers and gain credibility.

Make use of social management tools to schedule your posts with structured frequency, at times when you’re most likely to reach your target audience. Take advantage of social media features such as Stories to showcase behind-the-scenes content and your personality.

When starting out, getting engagement on social media might not be easy, but once you start building momentum and a strong content base which showcases who you are, it becomes easier. Persistence and consistency are important as they bring long-term reward. When you resiliently work on your talent every single day, you’re bound to reach your goals.

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