Flexi-Job Arrangement

Flexi-job Arrangement allows an employees to have control over when and where they work. It includes Telecommuting, Work from Home, Remote Working, Part-Time Schedule, etc.

Most millennials would have a hard time imagining how it was working in an era when the internet and smartphones were absent and working arrangements such as flexi-job were non-existent. The older generation, too, has made technology a huge part of their work and life, thanks especially to advancements in the field of IT. Among the areas where these changes are most greatly felt is the workplace.

Many studies have revealed that flexibility is an important factor for many employees, perhaps even more than salary. Women in the workplace have for years experienced great difficulty in achieving a work-life balance and, as a result, their productivity plummeted while stress levels rose. Male employees are no exception either as working men from single-unit families also share in the struggle.

Employers have discovered that, for many jobs, a traditional working arrangement in which employees had to report to a physical workstation was not only unnecessary but also costly. Several multinationals and startups have therefore begun adopting flexi-job, a growing trend in which employees are given flexibility in creating their work schedules.

flexi-job arrangement - work anywhere

Major companies that have over the years adopted flexi-job include Dell, IBM, HCL, Microsoft, Accenture, SAP, Google, Yahoo!, Intel and Cisco among many others. Numerous small to medium-sized businesses across the globe have also offered flexi-job to their employees after learning about its impact, which is reducing costs while boosting productivity.

Flexi-job, along with the remote working or work from home arrangement, offers benefits to both employers and employees. For employees, it helps in reducing the ever-rising cost of the daily commute to and from work. Eliminating the commute also gives many employees additional time which they can use to improve their work-life balance. Additional time to honor life priorities such as exercise or spending quality time with the family is an effective antidote for work-related stress.

Likewise, flexi-job is beneficial to employees because it results in increased employee productivity, job satisfaction and reduces costs related to office rent among other expenses. With so many advantages, it’s no surprise that the flexi-job and remote working trend is on a steady rise.

Best Flexi-job arrangement

Careers Suitable for Flexi-job

The beauty of online jobs is that people with the relevant skills can search and get jobs from all around the world and work for a company on a flexi-job basis.

Many jobs don’t require an employee to work from the office daily. Jobs suitable for the flexi-job and remote working arrangements include writing, editing, accounting, reporting, photography, web design, telemarketing, software development, financial analysis and many others. Let’s take a look at a few.

Translating. This is a lucrative job for people with a background in domains. It involves translation of web content such as books and articles while retaining the original meaning of the content. Payment is typically done on a cost-per-word basis. US-based translating jobs are especially high paying.

Accounting. Modern small to medium-sized business usually prefer to outsource accounting tasks, allowing many freelance accountants to work for these companies on a flexi-job or work from home basis. It is, however, imperative that one has all the appropriate qualifications.

Financial Planner & Advisor. Meeting clients and advising them on various investment options is often carried out at clients' place and at their convenience. Financial Planner is appraised based on the deals their close and therefore flex-job arrangement is very suitable for them.

Writing. There is no shortage of writing work online. Opportunities in the field of writing are available across various industries, including education, healthcare, sport, career counseling and music among others.

Graphic designers, video editors and animators. Demand for professionals in graphic design, video editing and animation among other related skills is high. Companies that offer these jobs include advertising agencies, publishers, production houses and ecommerce websites. Majority of the jobs within this field require a candidate to provide a portfolio of samples to demonstrate their competence in the job.

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