How to Build Good Relationships with Colleagues?

You are with your colleagues for 8 hours or more every weekday and need to cooperate on projects and other jobs together. As such, having a good office relationship with colleagues can determine whether you can get thing done easily and affect how happy and confident you are at work.

Though it is difficult to be like by everyone in the office, there are some things you can do to make colleagues like you more. Let us provide you with some tips on building a positive working relationship with your colleagues.

Help Given to Colleagues to Build Good Relationship

Be Friendly

Greeting your colleagues, smile and be cheerful can win some hearts. Brighten up their day so that they may brighten yours in return. Hold the doors for another colleague who is coming into the office right after you. Give way to others and let other colleagues enter the lift and exit the lift before you. Say please when you need help and thank you are receiving colleague's help. All these little gestures add up and make you a likeable person.

You should be friendly from the start of your career (i.e. attending trainee program, on-the-job training, etc.) to show that the friendliness is already part of you. Some people are only friendly when they need a favour. You should avoid this as it will show you insincerity over time.

Be Helpful

Instead of waiting for others to request for help. Offer to help. Show that you are in this job for the long run and eager to help to learn more. Being helpful and show that you care for your colleagues build long term trust. When your colleague is on sick leave, childcare leave or go for long vacation leave to have some work-life balance, volunteer your service and cover them while they are away. When your colleagues know that you have helped them and when they feel that they owe you a favour, they will be more willing to cover your duties when you need take urgent leave.

Performing by Developing Good Relationship with Colleagues

Celebrate their Occasion

Wish them Happy Birthday. Buy them a gift on their birthday, work anniversary and wedding anniversary. Show that what is important to them is also important to you. Show that you care. Show that you are as close to them as their family members.

Dare to Admit and Apologize

Your colleagues are looking for responsible colleagues. Someone who admit their mistakes and apologize for their mistakes. They know that no one is perfect and are ready to forgive. Similarly, be forgiving when your colleagues make a mistake. Be responsible and be forgiving is another quality that will win you support.

Having Good Friends and Good Colleagues in Office
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