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Well-structured trainee program to kick-start your career with continuous guidance to nurture your potential to the fullest.

Knowledgeable Trainers

Well-structured trainee program to kick-start your career with continuous guidance to nurture your potential to the fullest.

Guiding You Closely

Getting you in is just the first tiny step. Ensuring your perpetual success is the next big step.

Trainee Program in General

Trainee program have been offered by many organizations. Business owners and managers know the importance of offering new joiners high-quality training so that they become effective as soon as possible.

In our organization, we believe in putting every effort to nurture our new joiners. Let us share with you the brief outlines of our successful trainee program to fully nurture your potential.

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Structure of our Trainee Program

  1. A brief overview of the trainee program is provided at the beginning of the session with highlights on the main points of the training.
  2. We use hands-on training in as much of your trainee program as possible because it uses all the main senses of human and therefore it is a highly effective technique of learning.
  3. We maximize on trainee involvement and role play to create a more realistic environment for training.
  4. Invite experienced professionals who have intimate knowledge of the subject we are covering. They are subject expert who are willing to share their experiences and ensure that you do not make the same mistakes along your journey to success.
  5. Our trainers are well-trained to ensure that that maintain the trainee's level of interest at all time during the trainee program. Of course, when when appropriate, a break for the audience will work wonders. Having them at full attention when they are back would be a thousand times better than continuing with the subject knowing that you have lost the audience.
  6. In the main part of the training, the trainers will expand on all the points, going over all the main aspects of our business and demonstrate the main procedures the trainees should adopt, using visual aids where appropriate.
  7. Every trainee program, of course, will have a conclusion. We would summarize and conclude by giving the employees a brief recap of what they have just learned. However, this is just chapter 1 of our training. There is always another training to upgrade and updates the trainees.
Trainee Program for Graduates

How we make our Trainee Program memorable?

You may be wondering how we can sustain the trainees' interest throughout our trainee program. There are some tips which we would be glad to share with everyone. They are as follows:

  1. We make it real fun. Ask any trainee and they will tell you that a trainee program is anything but a fun experience. Viewing the program as dull and dry makes it difficult for trainees to pay attention to, let alone remember, abstract concepts. Varying your training methods and the pace of sessions is one way of maintaining the interest of your audience.
  2. We use humor appropriately. Humor is a powerful tool for inspiring enthusiasm in an audience and has proven more useful than flooding the audience in your trainee program with only facts and figures. Avoid telling jokes, however, because comedy is subjective. While some people may laugh at a joke, just as many find it offensive. Personal, self-deprecating humor is safer.
  3. We package our material well. Well-packaged content communicates value and gives a positive first impression.
  4. We encourage trainee participation. Learning occurs most easily in a lively environment. So make a sizable portion of the trainee session interactive. When trainees feel free to participate candidly, they are more likely to participate and remember what they learned for a long time.
  5. We build up trainees’ self-esteem. Participants of our trainee program want to know what’s in it for them. Many trainees are under the impression that a training program is a way for the training company to make money and rarely feel that the training is useful and uplifting to them. Shoring up the self-worth of trainees effectively combats this apathy.

Needless to say, the ability to execute the above is directly correlated with the competence level as a trainer. Our trainers have the necessary qualities like good communication skills, knowledge and experience on the training topic, strong people skills, patience, and open-mindedness among others.

Trainee Program for Diploma

Interested in our Trainee Program?

We welcome all Diploma and University graduates to apply though we will only shortlist the most suitable candidates for our Trainee Program. Mid-career professionals are also welcome as we value the experience which you have accumulated so far.

Please contact us at (+65) 6589 8101 or drop us an email via our contact form.

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We are distribution representatives of a financial advisory firm focusing on nurturing a group of financial consultants to serve our client.

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Our team is made up of diverse individuals who are motivated to go that extra mile for the clients.

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We offer financial solutions to our clients. Most importantly we help them to grow and protect their wealth.

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Our team is made up of diverse individuals who are motivated to go that extra mile for the clients.

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